Monday, July 15, 2013

neon yarn

This is the yarn I posted about on ravelry. I have been looking for neon yarn for awhile and I really over bought!
    I would like to find some vintage neon yarn from Red heart. I'm looking for 909 scarlet and 226 lime yellow. I'll also trade. Red heart can be partial skeins. 

    (I also have 1 skein Hobby Lobby neon yellow-sell 3.99 or trade).

    You can contact me through ravelry. Thanks, annie

Friday, July 1, 2011

Blog, Does this look like a Nanny McPhee blanket to you? Looks real good to me! This is the cover of a Japanese Craft book,

Crochet Motif Winter Goods /Japanese Knitting Book/632

Now winging it’s way to Cape Ann !!! Yea!

We are having fabulous weather and looking forward to a great 4th. Happy 4th to you all. Hugs, annie

Monday, June 27, 2011

Nanny Mcphee film

Hi, We rented the Nanny Mcphee 2005 film Sunday and I love it. We got the full screen version and I didn't see a number of images we have seen online. I'm posting one still and I apologize for having no source to credit. I think Moonstitches has done a good job of selecting similar colors.

This is a totally delightful project. hugs, annie

Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer 2011

I'm obsessed with what I call manic crochet. I'm working on a Nanny Mcphee blanket people size. ( so right for July... lol!!!) (also dying yarn with koolaid). I'm about 6 years late on Nanny Mcphee 1. (not the 2011 'Return of Nanny McPhee'. (Both have utterly wonderful interiors). The Nanny Mcphee project allows for total yarn lust and I've cornered the market on clear plastic boxes.

I also bought a copy of 'Mollie Makes' at B&N and I'm in love! This is a delicious magazine. Someone described it as like an especially nice blog.

Blogs I'm loving right now are Attic 2, Moonstitches, others I've found by googling Nanny Mcphee. I'm also learning my way around Ravelry.

Most of my projects are carry along or do not take a long time out of the day and seem right for Summer.

I'm still running every day in all weathers ... I think it is 8 years in December.

I planted 13 tomato plants that are doing well.

Back to my hook! Oh yeah ... I got a set of pink hooks, a ltd. ed from Japan, too cool!!! Hugs, annie

Monday, March 28, 2011

Same time... same station

Same time... same station... only one year later. Opening day is this week!!! Fantasy Baseball Drafts were Saturday night.

In between we have shoveled a lot of snow! Our dear old house is like a warrior after a tough battle.

I bought these pansies (just set in the window box) ... They are living indoors!

I'm anxious for the yard sales and flea markets to begin. I love Jane Wheel! More about her soon. See ya at the flea! annie

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hi, It's almost too cold to run. It feels like snow. Maybe it will warm up by noon. I've run in colder weather.

Why does the weather turn miserable when there is so much to do!!!

(later)... I did get out and run at noon but it was about 17. Eckkk! I've been spoiled being able to run at sunup and see the Christmas trees downtown during the recent Spring like weather.

My current doll is Una-na and I wrote about the book, Una-na (here someplace). I always take a little time everyday to play with patterns. I took the pattern to Staples yesterday and enlarged the actual doll. I'll do a paste-up of the clothes before I attempt enlarging the patterns... identifying some of those clothing pieces
will be a challenge. I LOVE the combinations of fabrics shown in the illustrations.

The coffee shop downtown is closed and I'm sad. I have gone there since we
moved here almost 40 years ago. The same family has run it and I'm not sure
they'll be back. It is funny how much a thing you take for granted can bother
you so much when it changes.

I should be baking or something... I used my Joanns coupons to get 2 Wiltons loaf pans. I must have given mine away during a phase when I decided teflon was bad. I used my other coupons to buy some Buffalo Snow for doll stuffing. I really NEEDED THAT!

Please don't let Christmas shopping and crafting keep you from paying attention to what is going in Washington, DC ... we can breathe a sign of relief when they all go home for the holidays. hugs, annie

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

fight for liberty